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I get it. Believe me, I have started a million projects and only a fraction of them ever get finished. woman-with-coffee-cupIt sounds so simple: organize your house, lose weight, get the promotion at work or even start your own business. You know the formula by heart: set a goal, plan the action steps, follow through on the plan, achieve the goal. Done. How come it never works that way for you? I bet you always start out full of vim and vigor: this time will be different! You set the plan of attack and dig in with enthusiasm. You are so confident, you tell your friends and family about the new action plan. They’re skeptical but they are willing to cheer you on. YAY! Three days later they stop cheering. You’ve fallen behind already. You try to stay on track without their support, but things are falling through the cracks and you panic. You need someone on your team, someone who will hold you accountable every single day. tin-can-phoneSo you ask a good friend to help you succeed by checking in, nagging when necessary, boosting you when you falter and expecting results on deadline. It works GREAT! For about two weeks.

Then your friendly accountability partner goes on a six-week vacation. Or she forgets to check in (she probably needs an accountability partner, too!). Or he gets sick. Or the cat gets sick. Or … there are a million reasons it doesn’t work.

Back to the drawing board-doing things all by yourself. You dig in again, more determined than ever. You can DO this. You don’t need anyone else. You can’t depend on them anyway. You can DO this.

And you do. You get some things accomplished by sheer willpower. You pat yourself on the back. Then things slow down, you lose interest, the hard stuff is straight ahead and it looks dismal. You’re right back where you started: messy house, weight gain, stuck in the same job rut. And you get really scared. What if this is your life forever and ever? What if you never get your “act” together. What if you are (as you secretly fear) lazy or stupid or unmotivated or a loser? But that's not right. You ARE motivated. You DO want to finish and achieve success. You’re just frustrated because you just don’t know how get from Start to Finish. get to the finish line

Yep, that was the story of my life: get motivated, work and sweat and push like heck and fall short (sometimes by an aching inch) of the wild success I thought I would (or should) achieve. As an ADHD coach, I hear the same refrain from my clients year after year. I got so frustrated at not having an answer for them (and me) that I decided to find a solution that would work for us. All the time. Every time. Not too complicated. Not too rigid. Not too loose. Something easy, effective and fun. And I found it. The secret weapon that helps even the most scattered, unfocused and disorganized clients (and me) stay on track. Wanna know what it is? Here’s the secret to making the changes you want to make in your life…

Get an accountability system that works.

Ho-hum. Been there, done that. You’re disappointed that it isn’t more sexy or cutting edge, right? Stay with me for a couple of minutes. The key to the secret solution is the words “that works.” I know you’ve heard it all before, tried it and it fell apart. You’re absolutely right. Regular accountability partners are effective for only a fraction of the people who give them a try. We’re all human and we forget to call in or send a Friday afternoon email. It’s not a crime. But it IS why most accountability programs or partners don’t work. I’ve found a bullet-proof way to make the changes you are yearning to make in your life. It’s called Gentle Nudge Me.

Gentle Nudge Me is an online community of people (just like you) who have big juicy goals (or smaller, more down-to-earth goals) and just want to say “I DID IT” once in their lives. And then say it again. And again. And again.

“As I read about each of your personal challenges, which you have entrusted to our care, I’m so thankful to have women to journey with who want to make their lives the best they can be. And, who lovingly give of their time to encourage me and others toward the JOY which we each seek, UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL as that is. Thanks for all the time and effort Dear Friends, my Sisters!” – 'Sarah'

Gentle Nudge Me was recently recommended by “Go Harder Fitness” in Nick's latest blog post: 8 Surefire Ways to Ensure 2014 Crushes 2013

gentle-home Gentle Nudge Me uses a system that rewards your every effort. Remember those star charts from when you were a kid? Here’s your chance to earn a gold star every day. But it’s not child’s play. This is serious, effective stuff. • You check in every day • You’ll celebrate your successes • You’ll cheer on your group mates • Together, you will all make amazing progress over the course of a month (28 days) Gentle Nudge Me profiles

“Yeah, yeah,” I imagine you’re thinking. “It’s just more of the same old stuff. And what if I fall off the wagon again? I’ve wasted all that time (and my latest dose of optimism) starting something that falls flat. And I don’t want a community of people; I want someone I know and trust.” Ah, but this IS different. At Gentle Nudge Me we aren’t loading the group of you into a lifeboat and sending you out to sea to fend for yourselves. Gentle Nudge Me is guided by an experienced accountability coach who will be checking into the group to support you in reaching your goals. So will the folks in your small group (no big impersonal amphitheaters of participants – we keep things small and intimate so you really CARE when your partners celebrate small and large accomplishments).

If, by some rare coincidence, you don’t check in regularly (a.k.a. “falling off the wagon”), we'll be on the phone tracking you down to make sure you’re a) OK and b) still committed to your original goal and/or c) helping you get back on track or set a smaller, more achievable goal.

(Of course, it’s totally OK to skip days if you’re on vacation or sick. Gentle Nudge Me is a highly personalized solution that will accommodate your schedule.)

What if my goal doesn’t neatly fit into a 28-day block? No problem. The Gentle Nudge Me groups are ongoing. Take a break, come back, but keep working on your goal. Or switch goals. Or choose a new one each session. The choice is yours. And the support never takes a vacation – we’re there 24/7, 365 days a year with a bonus day on Leap Year. Gentle Nudge Me - comments and encouragement “There's nothing else like [Gentle Nudge Me] online today. It's a simple, yet powerful program that encourages collaboration, builds confidence and helps people achieve their goals,” says Dr. Gina Hiatt, the brains behind Gentle Nudge Me. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? So what's the catch? And how much does it cost? Normally, we charge more than $800 a month for personal coaching, but I wanted Gentle Nudge Me to be accessible to a wide range of folks who are determined to achieve their goals. Right now, you can get a month of focused attention on reaching your goal for just $97! Less than $100 a month? That’s a steal – less than $3.50 a day! You spend that much on coffee (if you’re a coffee drinker). Or going out to lunch. Or magazines. Or on the data plan for your smart phone! It’s worth sacrificing a cup of coffee to get the results you have been chasing for years and years. We ask that you fully commit to Gentle Nudge Me. Results don't happen in a few days or even a couple of weeks. It takes some folks two or three 28-day cycles to really establish a solid pattern of check-ins and progress. Many of our folks continue for much longer. So, are you ready to stop procrastinating and start getting DONE? Gentle Nudge Me - settings Register for Gentle Nudge Me to stop spinning your wheels and start reaching your goals. We start new groups twice a month. Check our calendar to find out the next training day. That means you'll be part of a group that begins within two weeks or less). Need a bit more information before you commit? Sign up below and we’ll send you more information and our free e-book on “How to Find an Accountability Partner”. Click the words Gentle Nudge Me for more details about this amazing program…

OR sign up for our Gentle Nudge Me info package and a free download:

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