How it works

The process for Gentle Nudge Me is simple:

  1. gentle-homeCreate your personal profile and set your goal(s)
  2. Take small steps toward your goal
  3. Check in every day
  4. Get support and give support
  5. Achieve your goal(s)!

Rinse and repeat with more goals and more successes  Ok, OK, I can hear the voice of the skeptic in you: “Yeah, yeah, it’s just more of the same old stuff. And what if I fall off the wagon again? I’ve wasted all that time and money (and my latest dose of optimism) starting something that falls flat. And I don’t want a community of people; I want someone I know and trust.”

Ah, but this IS different. At Gentle Nudge Me we aren’t loading you all into a lifeboat and sending you out to sea to fend for yourselves. Gentle Nudge Me is guided by an experienced accountability coach who will be checking into the group to support you in reaching your goals. And the folks on your team will check in on you, too. We keep the teams small and intimate so you really care when your new accountability team mates celebrate small and large accomplishments.

If, by some rare coincidence, you don’t check in regularly (a.k.a. “falling off the wagon”), we’ll be on the phone tracking you down to make sure you’re: a) OK and b) still committed to your original goal and/or c) getting back on track or setting a smaller, more achievable goal.

gentle-homeOf course, it’s totally OK to skip days if you’re on vacation or sick. Gentle Nudge Me is a highly personalized solution that will accommodate your schedule.

But what does it look like and how does it work? Well, it looks a bit like an online Excel spreadsheet (horrors!) but it’s much friendlier. And it’s interactive! Take a peek at a screen shot from one of the test groups:  The fake people in this group started their Gentle Nudge Me 28-day cycle in April. Most of them checked in every day but not everyone. Yellow stars tell you that your team has checked in. Green checks are your own check-ins. OMG! Check marks are BORING. No thanks. You’re right, they ARE boring, but the beauty of Gentle Nudge Me comes AFTER you check that little box – scroll down to the next screen shot. There are QUESTIONS to answer as part of your check in:

There’s nothing there! That’s because PigPen hasn’t answered his questions for today. Scroll down further to see Harry Potter’s check in. Harry has answered the questions and some of his group members have made comments on his progress. (Note that this fictional team is working on cleaning their desks but Gentle Nudge Me works for any project or goal — personal or professional.)

Your coach checks in a few times a week. Notice that Mary Poppins is the Coach for this group and she has made some comments, too. Group members check in daily – or at least five days a week.

Gentle Nudge Me will even graph your progress But only if you choose (graphs make me break out in hives!). Sounds like a lot of time and effort Not really. Gentle Nudge Me isn’t a time-waster like Facebook. You check in, answer your questions, comment on others and get out. Simple. Quick.

The whole process takes about 10 minutes. Is it some kind of Master Mind group? It’s even better than a traditional Master Mind group. You don’t have to be together at the same time (or time zone) – all of you check in when it’s convenient. Five in the morning, noon or midnight, it’s all good! And inexpensive, too.

Yeah? What’s the price for all this stuff? $97 a month. Period. No add-ons, no hidden fees.  That’s it.  $97.  Not bad for a brand new accountability group that you can join without one minute of preparation.

It’s surprisingly inexpensive compared to private coaching. And it’s downright cheap compared to never getting that stuff D-O-N-E (wink, wink).  If you need a deeper dive or more help, Gentle Nudge Me offers accountability coaching at modest cost. Talk to your Gentle Nudge Me Accountability Specialist for details.

What’s the catch? No catch this time (whew!). You start Gentle Nudge Me with one 28-day cycle. You can stick around for another cycle or an entire year’s worth of cycles. Some Gentle Nudge Me groups have been operating for years!

What happens if somebody quits and I stay in the group? We simply add new people to the group so the number stays about the same – no more than 8-10 in each group.

Isn’t that disruptive?  Turns out that groups welcome the new energy of people coming into the group.  It works out just fine.

Can I join two groups at the same time? It’s not the best idea unless you have some solid accountability success under your belt, but yes, you can join two groups at the same time. The price is less than two separate Gentle Nudge Me memberships: the second group is yours at a 50% discount. OK, it sounds pretty decent. I’m ready to give it a try… Great!

Take yourself over to the Registration Information Page so you know even more about the program. Or click here to register already!


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