OK, Gentle Nudge Me!

Whoa, partner! Not so fast! I know you’re eager to get started but I want to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into (it’s all good, trust me).

1. Gentle Nudge Me is a private members-only program. Each cycle runs for 28 days (four full weeks).

2. We kick off each cycle of Gentle Nudge Me with a live training session the night before you start checking in. You’ll get an invitation from Lanie (our Gentle Nudge Me Accountability Specialist) and me (Linda Roggli, founder of Gentle Nudge Me) to join us by teleconference. If you’re out for pizza that night, you can listen to the recording.

3. You and your Gentle Nudge Me team will gather for a live, mid-session pep rally (a.k.a. coaching call) scheduled two weeks into each session. Accountability training, live check-ins and a little boost for your (possibly flagging) enthusiasm are on tap during these calls.

4. Gentle Nudge Me is a 24/7 operation; you may check in any time day or night.

5. Your check-ins are confidential; there is no overlap among Gentle Nudge Me teams and there is no link to tell-all social media programs such as Facebook.You can be honest and forthright without regret. Okay NOW you’re ready to get started!

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